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Analog Devices High Side Current & Voltage Sense | New Product Brief

October 30, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices High Side Current & Voltage Sense

The Analog Devices LTC6115 High Side Current & Voltage Sense combines a high voltage, high side current sense amplifier and a voltage sense amplifier that are ideal for load current warning and shut-off protection controls.

The current sense amplifier converts the voltage across an external sense resistor to an output current driven into an output resistor, with the device able to operate on supply voltages up to 100 volts and the gain set by two resistors.

This architecture enables fast and accurate current measurements, with a 1µs response time, ±500 microvolt offset, and 170 nanoamp input bias current.

The voltage sense amplifier accepts inputs up to 100 volts and attenuates the input using a 1 megaohm precision resistor divider.

The internal resistor divider and low offset of the voltage sense amplifier result in a total gain error of ±0.15% or less. Both the current sense amplifier and voltage sense amplifier have low supply current to minimize power consumption.

  • Current sense supply range: 5V to 100V
    • Fast and accurate
    • 1µs response time
    • 170nA input bias current (maximum)
    • ±500µV offset voltage (maximum)
  • Voltage Sense Range: 0V to 100V
    • Input divided by 40 with an internal precision 1MΩ resistor divider
  • Low Total Gain Error: ±0.15% (Maximum)
  • Low supply current:
    • Current sense: 250µA
    • Voltage sense: 57µA

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