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Analog Devices Inc. AD4630-24 24-Bit 2MSPS Dual Channel SAR ADCs | Featured Product Spotlight

July 19, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Inc. AD4630-24 24-Bit 2MSPS Dual Channel SAR ADCs

Analog Devices’ AD4630-24 is a two-channel, simultaneous sampling, Easy Drive, 2 megasamples per second, successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter.

The AD4630-24 guarantees a maximum integral nonlinearity of ±0.9 ppm and no missing codes at 24-bits, the AD4630-24 achieves unparalleled precision from −40°C to +125°C.

A low drift, internal precision reference buffer eases voltage reference sharing with other system circuitry. The AD4630-24 offers a typical dynamic range of 106 dB when using a 5 V reference. The low noise floor enables signal chains requiring less gain and lower power. A block averaging filter with programmable decimation ratio can increase dynamic range up to 153 dB.

The wide differential input and common-mode ranges allow inputs to use the full reference voltage range without saturating, simplifying signal conditioning requirements and system calibration. The improved settling of the Easy Drive analog inputs broadens the selection of analog front-end components compatible with the AD4630-24. Both single-ended and differential signals are supported.

The versatile Flexi-SPI serial interface eases host processor and ADC integration. A wide data clocking window, multiple SDO lanes, and optional dual data rate data clocking can reduce the serial clock to 10 MHz while operating at a sample rate of 2 megasamples per second. Echo clock mode and ADC master clock mode relax the timing requirements and simplify the use of digital isolators.

The 64-ball chip scale package ball grid array of the AD4630-24 integrates all critical power supply and reference bypass capacitors, reducing the footprint and system component count, and lessening sensitivity to board layout.

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