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ANALOG DEVICES INC. AD5413 14-Bit Voltage & Current Output DAC | Featured Product Spotlight

November 27, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. AD5413 14-Bit Voltage & Current Output DAC

Analog Devices’ AD5413 14-Bit Voltage & Current Output DAC is an integrated, single-chip DAC capable of generating a precise voltage or current output for use in low-cost PLCs, DCSs, and other industrial and building automation systems. 

The AD5413 offers a 14-bit unipolar current or bipolar voltage output on a single terminal, which is configurable via register settings.  It has an on-chip 2.5V reference that enables a ±0.3% full-scale range total unadjusted error, with the option to use an external 2.5V reference if desired.  The IC has enhanced on-chip diagnostics and reporting for the analog and digital blocks.  It also offers user programmable offset, gain, and digital slew rate control, while targeting cost-sensitive applications. 

The DAC has a 4-wire serial interface that’s compatible with multiple protocols, including SPI with optional CRC, and it’s packaged in a 5mm x 5mm, 32 lead LFCSP. 

In current output mode, the AD5413 can drive a 0mA to 24mA output.  This output current is internally mirrored so that it appears as a current source output to the application.  The current mode circuit includes an internal sense resistor for easy implementation, with the option to use an external low-drift 13.7kΩ sense resistor to improve stability.  Optional HART connectivity provides added versatility, with the ability to ac-couple a HART modem output into the CHART pin to generate a HART signal on the current output. 

In voltage output mode, the AD5413 has a ±10.5V trimmed output range, with an untrimmed overrange capability that extends the output voltage to ±12.6V for 25% overrange applications.  It’s capable of driving a 2µF load with an external 220pF compensation capacitor, and it offers optional remote voltage sensing.  To learn more about the AD5413 14-bit voltage and current output DAC and its associated evaluation board, visit 

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