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ANALOG DEVICES INC. AD5413 14-Bit Voltage & Current Output DAC | New Product Brief

October 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. AD5413 14-Bit Voltage & Current Output DAC

Analog Devices’ AD5413 14-bit voltage and current output DAC is designed for use in industrial factory automation and process control applications and can switch between high-precision voltage and current output on a single terminal. 

In current output mode, the AD5413 can output up to 24mA using an internal current mirror to appear as a current source to the application. 

A HART signal can also be ac-coupled to the current output. In voltage output mode, the device can generate a ±10.5V output and has a 20% overrange option that can be set in an internal register to enable output up to ±12.6V. The integrated reference simplifies design and ensures high accuracy output. 

The AD5413 offers user-programmable offset and on-chip diagnostics, with a 4-wire SPI interface compatible with multiple interface standards. 

  • Voltage and current output available on a single terminal 
  • Current output range: 0mA to 24mA 
  • Output voltage range: ±10.5V, trimmed 
    • ±12.6V, untrimmed overrange 
  • ±0.3% FSR total unadjusted error with internal reference 
  • User-programmable offset and gain 
  • On-chip diagnostics 

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