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Analog Devices Inc. AD7134 Quad Channel Precision ADC | New Product Brief

September 08, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Inc. AD7134 Quad Channel Precision ADC

Analog Devices AD7134 Quad Channel Precisions ADCs simplify signal chain and analog front-end requirements, resulting in improved system performance and ease-of-use. The ADCs use continuous time sigma delta modulation, eliminating the switched capacitor circuitry and making the inputs easier to drive. 

This also provides inherent antialiasing, removing the need for an external antialiasing filter. The AD7134 integrates four independent inputs that can be simultaneously sampled, with input bandwidth up to 391.5 kilohertz and tight phase matching between channels. Offering low noise and wide dynamic range, on-board averaging is available to further improve dynamic range and multiple digital filters for time or frequency domain analysis. 

The AD7134 is also highly flexible, with an SPI interface to configure the ADC and read diagnostic info, or hardware pin configuration for simplicity. 

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