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ANALOG DEVICES INC. AD7606C-18 8-Channel DAS | New Product Brief

April 08, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices’ AD7606C-18 is an 8-Channel, 18-Bit Analog to Digital Data Acquisition System or (DAS) with the flexibility and performance to be used in power line monitoring, protective relays, multiphase motor control, instrumentation and control systems, and data acquisition systems.

Each channel has clamp protection, a programmable-gain amplifier, a low pass filter, and an 18-Bit 1MSPS ADC, with per channel selectable range for bipolar and unipolar analog inputs up to ±20V. The AD7606C also supports per channel bandwidths of 25 and 220 kHz.

The devices offer system phase, offset, and gain calibration as well as a flexible digital filter providing excellent performance. It operates from a single 5V analog supply and a separate 1.71 to 5.25V logic supply and users can select between a parallel or high-speed serial interface.

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