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ANALOG DEVICES INC. ADG5401F Fault Protection SPST Switch | New Product Brief

February 04, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. ADG5401F Fault Protection SPST Switch

Analog Devices’ ADG5401F Fault Protection SPST Switch provides robust analog output overvoltage protection and detection in instrumentation, industrial, aerospace, and other harsh applications. 

The switch provides overvoltage and power-off protection up to ±60V, enabling designers to remove current limiting resistors for improved signal chain precision while also providing overvoltage detection and a digital fault output. The ADGS5401F offers low and ultraflat signal channel resistance and has an integrated secondary feedback channel for protecting amplifier or DAC outputs. 

It also has a switch that connects the drain pins to prevent open-loop conditions when the main switch is disabled. The ADGS5401F offers a known output in all conditions, supports a wide range of single and dual-supply configurations, and is housed in a 3mm x 2mm LFCSP. 

  • Overvoltage and power off protection up to ±60V on S and SFB pins 
  • Signal channel on resistance: 6Ω typical 
    • Integrated 0.6kΩ feedback channel 
  • Open-loop prevention 
    • Connects D and DFB pins when main switch is disabled 
  • Known output under all conditions 
    • User-enabled power-on condition pulls source to 0V 
    • Known state without digital inputs present 
  • Signal Range: VSS to VDD - 2V 
    • ±5V to ±22V dual-supply operation 
    • 8V to 44V single-supply operation 
  • Package: 3mm x 2mm LFCSP 

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