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ANALOG DEVICES INC. ADSP-21566/21567/21569 SHARC+ Single Core DSPs | Featured Product Spotlight

April 14, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. ADSP-21566/21567/21569 SHARC+ Single Core DSPs

Analog Devices ADSP-2156x Family of SHARC+ Single Core DSPs offer 32-, 40-, and 64-bit floating-point support for high floating-point performance and low latency real-time audio processing in automotive, consumer, and industrial applications.

The SHARC processor includes the SHARC+ SIMD core with a 400MHz to 1GHz clock, depending on the part number. It also has 640KB of L1 SRAM with parity, as well as up to 1MB of L2 SRAM with ECC. It supports 32-, 40-, and 64-bit floating-point and 32-bit fixed-point operations. 

The processor has an integrated DMA controller supporting a rich peripheral set and multiple internal busses to eliminate IO bottlenecks. BGA models also feature a 16-bit DDR3 and DDR3L controller to support L3 memory.

All DSPs in the family have innovative digital audio interfaces that feature flexible i2s and TTM compatible serial ports, asynchronous sample rate converters, digital audio receivers and transmitters, and precision clock generators, and these are all connected through configurable signal routing units. They also have hardware-based crypto accelerators and support fast secured boot with IP protection.

In addition, the ADSP-2156x Family addresses the fact that FIRA and IIRA filters are the most used by DSP algorithms, especially for audio processing. The DSPs feature an enhanced on-chip FIRA and IIRA accelerators that offload these tasks from the processor. 

These accelerators run at the core clock frequency, meaning they run up to 1GHz or 8x faster than previous processors. They have an automatic configuration mode that minimizes core intervention, and they support accelerator halting for dynamic task queuing of unlimited channels, selective interrupt generation for each channel, and trigger generation and weight functionality for master/slave operation. The processors have low system power consumption across the automotive temperature range. 

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