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ANALOG DEVICES INC. CN0508 75W Single-Outlet Benchtop Power Supply | New Product Brief

September 20, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. CN0508 75W Single-Outlet Benchtop Power Supply

Analog Devices’ CN-0508 75W Single-Outlet Benchtop Power Supply provides the EVAL-CN0508-RPIZ reference design for a low-cost power solution comparable to high-performance commercial power supplies.

This power supply features a wide output voltage range from 0 V to 5.6 V as well as current limiting and constant current operation up to 3 amps.

Output voltage can be controlled manually or by software, and a manual current-limit control sets the transition from constant voltage to constant current operation.

With a Raspberry Pi®-compatible expansion header, electronic control through either a local touchscreen or over a wireless or wired network connection is possible.

This complete solution is low-cost, compact, and easily configured for standalone operation or integration into other equipment.

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  • Nicholas Lee December 17, 2021

    This is vapourware, with zero stock of the chip and its eval-board in distribution.
    Why advertise something that people can’t buy?
    By the time this is actually available to purchase, people will have forgotten the advert.

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