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ANALOG DEVICES INC. EVAL-ADSMOKEKITZ Smoke Evaluation Kit | Featured Product Spotlight

October 31, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices’ Smoke Detection Evaluation Kit is an out-of-the-box evaluation platform for ADI’s ADPD188BI integrated optical module. 

The ADPD188BI integrated optical module meets strict UL-217 8th edition requirements and other regulatory standards for smoke alarm and fire detection systems. It’s a highly integrated module with a blue LED, IR LED, two photodiodes, and an analog front end, all housed in a custom dual cavity package that ensures emitted light passes through the smoke detection chamber before being received by the photodiodes. This results in 75% fewer components and 1/3rd the power consumption of a discrete design. 

The ADPD188BI uses dual-wavelength detection, which results in high SNR and dynamic range and minimizes nuisance alarms. The parts are also factory calibrated to minimize part-to-part variation. 

The associated Smoke Evaluation Kit includes an ADPD188BI development board, smoke chamber, and MCU boards. The smoke chamber is used to control the environment around the ADPD188BI module, blocking out ambient light and large airborne particles, while the MCU board connects to the ADPD188BI module and a PC. 

Developers can use the ADI WaveTool GUI to configure the smoke detection module and retried data. It also provides real-time analysis in the frequency domain and time domain. The ADPD188BI module and its evaluation kit enable cutting edge smoke detection in homes, smart buildings, and transportation applications. To learn more about the Analog Devices Smoke Detection Evaluation Kit and the ADPD188BI module it’s based on, visit

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