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Analog Devices Inc. High-Speed Operational Amplifiers | Featured Product Spotlight

March 18, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Inc. High-Speed Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ LTC6228 high-speed operation amplifiers are fast, low noise, and low-distortion op amps ideal for driving high speed, high dynamic range ADCs. They can also be used in fast photodiode amplifiers or to replace high-speed op amps in existing designs for improved performance.

LTC6228 op amps have input-referred voltage noise specified at 0.88nV/√Hz, as well as second and third-order harmonic distortion below — 100dBc with a 2MHz, 4VP-P input.  They’re ideal for applications with a high dynamic range.  They can operate from a single or dual supply configuration with a 2.8V to 11.75V supply range, and the input range of the op amp includes the negative supply rail. 

They also have low input offset voltage and drift, as well as a 110dB common-mode rejection ratio. The op amps include input bias cancellation circuitry, and this can be disabled to minimize current noise.

The high speed of the LTC6228 allows designers to use it with fast and wide swinging inputs.  It has an 890MHz gain-bandwidth product and a 730MHz -3dB bandwidth. It also has a 500V/µs slew rate. Combined, this lets the LTC6228 drive the output in response to large amplitude, high-frequency inputs. The output swings from rail-to-rail and can drive a current greater than 90mA.

The op amps consume 16mA of supply current, and this drops to 500µA in shutdown to extend battery life. 

They’re offered in SOIC-8, TSOT-23, and DFN-6 packages and are designed to operate from -40°C to +125°C. 

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