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ANALOG DEVICES INC. HMC8412 Low Noise Amplifiers | New Product Brief

November 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. HMC8412 Low Noise Amplifiers

Analog Devices HMC8412 Low Noise Amplifiers operate at frequencies up to 11GHz, providing excellent performance and simple implementation in test instrumentation, telecom, electronic warfare, military radar and communications, and aerospace applications. 

The HMC8412 is a wideband amplifier for signals from 0.4GHz to 11GHz, with a typical gain up to 15.5dB and a 1.4dB typical noise figure. The input and output are single-ended and nominally 50Ω, eliminating the need for external matching. It operates from a single 5V supply and has an integrated bias inductor to further reduce component count. Bias current can be set to meet application requirements using a single external resistor. 

The Analog Devices HMC8412 can also be used as an LO driver for many ADI mixers and is housed in a 2mm x 2mm 6-lead LFCSP. 

  • Frequency range: 0.4GHz to 11GHz 
    • Typical gain: ≤15.5dB typical 
    • OIP3: ≤33dBm typical 
  • Low noise figure: 1.4dB typical 
  • Single-ended 50Ω input and output 
    • No external matching needed 
  • Single positive supply: 5V 
    • Integrated bias inductor 
  • Bias current set via external resistor 
  • Package: 2mm x 2mm, 6-lead LFCSP 

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