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ANALOG DEVICES INC. LT8336 Step-Up Silent Switcher | Featured Product Spotlight

February 01, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. LT8336 Step-Up Silent Switcher

Analog Devices LT8336 Step-Up Silent Switcher is a high efficiency step-up DC/DC converter with ultra-low EMI at high switching frequencies and is ideal for automotive and industrial power supplies as well as other step-up applications. 

The LT8336 has integrated 40V, 2.5A power switches and offers wide 2.7V to 40V input and output voltage ranges.  An internal 3.5V LDO provides power for the drivers and internal bias circuitry, and the device provides 100% duty cycle capability for the synchronous MOSFET for pass-through operation.  It can be programmed for switching at frequencies from 300kHz to 3MHz and can be optionally synchronized to an external clock.   

The LT8336 uses a current mode control scheme the provides excellent line and load regulation.  It also provides an output soft-start capability and a power good monitor.  All of this capability and performance is packed into a 3.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.94mm LQFN16 package and requires minimal external passives, resulting in a small total design footprint.  Analog Devices offers variants with max operating temperatures up to 125°C and 150°C, and AEC-Q100 qualification is in progress. 

The Silent Switcher architecture features internal EMI cancellation loops for ultra-low EMI, with the loops completed using output capacitors.  It also has an option 20% spread spectrum frequency modulation capability to further reduce EMI.  This allows the LT8336 to meet CISPR25 conducted and radiated emissions limits with substantial margin. 

The LT8336 is also designed for high efficiency operation.  It has selectable pulse-skipping and Burst Mode operation to optimize efficiency and EMI performance.  It also has low quiescent current: 0.3µA in shutdown, 4µA in Burst Mode operation, and 15µA in pass-through. For more information about Analog Devices’ LT8336 Step-Up DC/DC Converter and its associated demo board DC2505A, visit

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