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Analog Devices Inc. LTC2971 2-Channel Power System Managers | New Product Brief

March 05, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Inc. LTC2971 2-Channel Power System Managers

Analog Devices LTC2971 2-Channel Power System Managers actively manage and supervise two switching converters with outputs from negative 60 volts to positive 60 volts. 

The LTC2971 can autonomously sequence, trim, margin, manage and log faults, and monitor telemetry of the two power supplies and the input. The PSM provides native sensing of the output voltage and can trim to within 0.25%, with DACs that use a proprietary soft-connect algorithm to minimize supply disturbances. 

The IC has programmable fault responses, with options including disabling the power supplies, attempting to shutdown and restart, and logging fault and telemetry data to EEPROM. The device has a 1.8 volt to 3.3 volt serial interface that complies with PMBus, SMBus, and I2C requirements and it’s supported by the LTpowerPlay® GUI. 

The LTC2971 also has a single wire bus that can coordinate sequencing and fault management across multiple ADI Power System Management devices. 

  • Sequence, Trim, Margin, Supervise, Manage and Log Faults, and Monitor Telemetry of Two Power Supplies 
    • Monitor 0V to 60V input voltage and input current 
  • Manage Outputs from -60V to +60V 
    • Margin or Trim to within 0.25% 
    • Soft-connect algorithm minimizes supply disturbance 
  • Programmable fault response 
    • Disable power supplies 
    • Configurable retry 
    • Black box EEPROM storage of fault status and telemetry 
  • 1.8V to 3.3V PMBus/SMBus/I2C Compliant Serial Interface 
    • Supported by LTpowerPlay® GUI 
  • Coordinate Sequencing and Fault Management Across Multiple ADI PSM Devices

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