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ANALOG DEVICES INC. LTC4381 Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper | New Product Brief

December 08, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. LTC4381 Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper

Analog Devices’ LTC4381 are an integrated solution for low quiescent current surge stopper applications that protect loads from high voltage transients

The low quiescent Current Surge Stoppers offer overvoltage protection by clamping the gate voltage of an internal 9 milliohm MOSFET to limit the output voltage to a safe value during overvoltage events such as load dump in automobiles. 

The MOSFET safe operating area is guaranteed for stresses during high voltage transients. Fixed output clamp voltages are selectable for 12V and 24V/28V systems. For systems of any voltage up to 80V, use the adjustable clamp versions.  

Overcurrent protection is also provided where the operating time in both overcurrent and overvoltage conditions is limited in accordance with MOSFET stress. 

The device's GATE pin drives back-to-back MOSFETs for reverse input protection, eliminating a Schottky diode solution's voltage drop and dissipation. 

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