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ANALOG DEVICES INC. Si Non-Reflective 44GHz SP4T Switches | New Product Brief

December 24, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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ANALOG DEVICES INC. Si Non-Reflective 44GHz SP4T Switches

Analog Devices ADRF5042 and ADRF5043 SP4T switches are manufactured on a silicon-on-insulator process and feature an ultrawideband frequency range up to 44GHz and a nonreflective 50Ω design.  

The switches offer 24dBm power handling for the through and terminated paths, supporting bidirectional operation with equal power handling capabilities. The ICs have logic and control pins to easily select the desired throw port or set all ports to isolation, with 30ns settling time to within 0.1dB of the final output. 

Isolated ports are terminated to 50Ω resistors, and provide isolation greater then 35 dB across the full frequency range, while the selected port offers 3.2dB or lower insertion loss. The ADRF5042 and ADRF5043 are pin compatible and housed in a 24-terminal 3mm x 3mm LGA package. 

  • Ultrawideband frequency range: 
    • ADRF5042: 100MHz to 44GHz 
    • ADRF5043: 9kHz to 44GHz 
  • High power handling: 24dBm through and isolated paths 
    • Bidirectional operation with equal power handling capability 
    • High input linearity: 26dBm typical 0.1dB compression point 
  • Built-in driver: enable, logic select, and control pins 
    • CMOS and LVTTL-compatible 
    • 30ns settling time (within 0.1dB of final RF output) 
  • High isolation: 
    • 50 dB up to 18 GHz 
    • 39 dB up to 40 GHz 
    • 35 dB up to 44 GHz 
  • Low insertion loss: 
    • 1.8 dB up to 18 GHz 
    • 2.8 dB up to 40 GHz 
    • 3.2 dB up to 44 GHz 
  • Package: 3mm x 3mm LGA-24 
    • ADRF5042/ADRF5043 are pin compatible 

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