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Analog Devices DC2464A-A and A-B Demo Boards 

Analog Devices DC2464A-A and A-B demo boards highlight the performance of the LTC3351 Hot Swappable Supercapacitor Charger, Backup Controller, and System Monitor. The boards have dual input hot swap FETs that control inrush current when connected to the supply and to disconnect the supply in the event of an overcurrent fault or input power loss, as well as four 10F supercapacitors. The LTC3351 provides high-efficiency synchronous step-down charging of the four 10F capacitors, with internal active balancers and a 14-bit ADC for monitoring system voltages and currents, capacitance, and ESR. When the supply is disconnected, the IC quickly switches from charge to backup mode and will operate in boost mode depending on the capacitor voltage and set output voltage.

  • Dual input hot swap FETs
  • Supply range: 11V to 18V (DC2464A-A) or 20V to 30V (DC2464A-B)
  • Max charge current: 5.33A (DC2464A-A) or 6.4A (DC2464A-B)
  • High-efficiency synchronous step-down in charging mode, step-up in backup mode
  • Internal Active Balancers
  • 14-Bit ADC for Monitoring System Voltages/Currents, Capacitance and ESR

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