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Analog Devices Inc. DC2609A Demo Board for LTC6952

Analog Devices’ DC2609A is a demonstration and evaluation platform for the LTC6952 ultralow jitter 4.5GHz PLL.  

The LTC6952 offers very low additive output jitter on 11 differential outputs. Each output has an individually programmable frequency divider and output driver as well as coarse digital delays and fine analog time delays for precise phase alignment.  

The demo board includes SMA connectors for all differential inputs and six differential outputs that are AC-coupled with 50Ω transmission lines, while the remaining outputs have 100Ω terminations and unpopulated SMA placements.

The DC2609A can be connected to a DC2026 USB serial controller for PC-based configuration and control using the LTC6952Wizard software.

  • JESD204B/C, Subclass 1 SYSREF Signal Generation
  • Additive Output Jitter: <6fsRMS (Int BW = 12kHz to 20Mhz, f = 4.5GHz)
  • 11 independent, low noise outputs
  • SMA connectors for 6 differential outputs, AC-coupled with 50Ω transmission lines
  • 5 outputs with 100Ω terminations
  • Connect to PC via DC2026 USB serial controller

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