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Analog Devices Low Power Analog Front End | New Product Brief

September 14, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Low Power Analog Front End

Analog Devices AD5940 High Precision, Low Power Analog Front End is designed for measuring skin impedance, body impedance, and for electrochemical toxic gas sensing. The AD5940 integrates two excitation loops and one common measurement channel and is capable of low-power and high-speed measurements for use with different sensor types. 

The measurement channel features a 16-bit, 800ksps ADC, with an input MUX connected to internal and external current and voltage channels as well as internal channels, while an ultra-low leakage programmable switch matrix connects the sensor to the analog excitation and measurement blocks. 

The device also integrates amplifiers, hardware accelerators, voltage references, and 6KB of SRAM to store measurement commands and results.

  • Voltage, current, and impedance measurement capability
  • DACs:
    • 1x 0.2V to 2.4V dual output voltage DAC
    • 1x high speed, 12-bit DAC
  • Analog input
    • 16-bit, 800kSPS ADC
    • Internal and external current and voltage channels
  • Ultra-low leakage switch matrix and input mux
  • Integrated amplifiers, accelerators, and voltage references
  • 6kB SRAM partitioned for data storage and pre-programmed sequences

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