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AVX TransGuard Varistors | New Product Brief

June 29, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

These high-reliability zinc oxide based devices provide multi-strike, bi-directional overvoltage protection.

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AVX TransGuard Varistors

AVX TransGuard multilayer varistors are high-reliability zinc oxide based devices providing multi-strike, bi-directional overvoltage protection to a variety of devices. 

TransGuard varistors are available in case sizes from 0402 to 3220 and with working voltages from 3.3VDC to 85VDC. Energy ratings up to 12J are available, and peak current ratings go as high as 2000A. The devices provide a very fast response to ESD strikes and can protect against multiple strikes with minimal impact to breakdown voltage and leakage current.

The varistors also provide EMI filtering to prevent signal distortion and help meet regulatory requirements. AVX offers TransGuard varistors in standard chip packaging or with glass encapsulation for resistance to harsh environments or processes, and in automotive variants AEC-Q200 qualified.

  • Case sizes: 0402 to 3220
  • Working voltages: 3.3VDC to 85VDC
  • Energy ratings: 0.05J to 12J
  • Peak current: up to 2000A (8x20µs)
  • Fast response, multi-strike capability
  • Variants
    • Glass encapsulated: resistance to harsh environments/processes
    • Automotive: AEC-Q200 qualified

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