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AVX VT High-Temperature Automotive Varistors

AVX VT High-Temperature Automotive Varistors are AEC-Q200 qualified and rated for operation up to 175°C with no derating, making them ideal for underhood and other high temperature automotive or industrial applications.

The VT series varistors are high-reliability devices that provide bi-directional overvoltage protection and EMI attenuation in an 0603 or 0805 SMT package. They’re available with 18V or 31V DC working voltages, clamping voltages from 42V to 67V, and 8x20µs peak current ratings up to 120A. 

The multilayer varistors are also ESD rated to 25kV and can provide significant EMI attenuation between 100MHz and 2GHz, depending on the device.

  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to 175°C, with no derating
  • Bi-directional protection:
    • Working Voltage: 18VDC and 31VDC
    • Clamping Voltage: 42V, 65V, and 67V
  • Peak Current Rating (8x20μs): 30A to 120A
  • ESD: 25kV (HBM ESD Level 6)
  • EMI/RFI attenuation

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