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BOURNS GDT35 3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube Arrestor | New Product Brief

May 01, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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BOURNS GDT35 3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube Arrestor

The Bourns GDT35 3-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube Arrestors, available from Mouser Electronics, significantly improve protection against induced voltage transients such as lightning and AC induction.

These arrestors are designed using Bourns’ proprietary computer simulation techniques. They provide enhanced maximum impulse voltage limiting for this class of GDT in a small, environmentally rugged surface mount package.

The GDT35 features a fast response time, a wide temperature range, a high surge current rating, as well as a low capacitance and insertion loss.

The enhanced level of protection with tighter voltage limiting provided during fast-rising events is designed to reduce stress on downstream components compared to current GDT designs in the same application.

The GDT35 is an ideal solution for protecting industrial communications and high-speed information and communication technology equipment.

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