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BOURNS IsoMOV™ Series Hybrid Protection Component | New Product Brief

April 26, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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BOURNS IsoMOV™ Series Hybrid Protection Component

Bourns IsoMOV™ Series Hybrid Protection Components are hybrid technology varistors that combine the breakthrough surge performance of EdgMOV™ protection devices with an integrated Gas Discharge Tube isolation structure to create the innovative IsoMOV™ Series Hybrid Protection Component.

The IsoMOV™ series provides space-saving, high-performance state-of-the-art surge ratings, extended-life overvoltage protection, and ultra-low leakage current. They are a drop-in-replacement form factor to traditional MOVs. The MOV geometry allows designers to select smaller form factors while meeting existing requirements or keeping the existing size while increasing surge current capability.

Keeping the MOV on call, not on duty prevents the dangerous leakage currents known to cause thermal runaway at end of service life. The extended temperature range makes them effective for a wide range of industrial applications. The ability to handle temporary overvoltage events allows designers to reduce design overvoltage safety margins and improve protection levels by lowering the clamping voltage.

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