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BOURNS PEC11H 11mm Rotary Encoders with High Detent Force | New Product Brief

October 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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BOURNS PEC11H 11mm Rotary Encoders with High Detent Force

Bourns PEC11H 11mm Rotary Encoders with High Detent Force are ideal for professional AV and studio equipment, consumer white goods, industrial automation, and many other applications. 

The PEC11H series has a new ball and spring detent design that offers smooth operation with clear tactile feedback. It has a 2-bit quadrature coded output and supports 360° continuous rotation with 16 to 30 detents and 8 to 24 pulses per rotation. It’s also available with an optional momentary push switch. 

The encoders are designed for long-lasting operation, with high rotational and high switch life. Bourns PEC11H 11mm rotary encoders feature a metal shaft and bushing with flatted and knurled shaft options in various lengths. 

  • Output: 2-bit quadrature code 
  • 360° continuous rotation 
    • 16 to 30 detents per rotation 
    • 8 to 24 output pulses per rotation 
  • Push switch option: Contact Push ON Momentary SPST 
  • Designed for long lifetime 
    • Rotational life: 100,000 cycles 
    • Switch life: 30,000 cycles 
  • Metal bushing and shaft 
  • Shaft options: 
    • Flatted or knurled 
    • 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm length 

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