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Bourns Series Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors

Bourns 2019 Series GDT Surge Arrestors use Bourns’ FLAT technology to enable a high current rating in a low-profile package that offers significant height and volume savings over equivalent 8mm SMD GDTs. Devices are available with DC breakdown voltages from 90V to 230V

The 2019 series is an ITU K.12 Class IV GDT that is rated for a maximum impulse discharge of 25kA on an 8/20µs waveform, and can operate 10 times at up to 20kA.

The series also offers stable performance and low capacitance that is constant regardless of voltage. Bourns 2019 series GDT surge arrestors are ideal for telecom equipment, industrial communications, and high-density PCB assemblies.

  • Volume and space-saving horizontal design
  • Compact: 2.2mm profile enables bottom-side PCB mounting
  • ITU K.12 Class IV GDT
  • 25kA 8/20µs rated, 10x operations at 20kA
  • 90V-230V DC breakdown voltages
  • Devices do not impact signal or system operation

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