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BOURNS SRP1580CA AEC-Q200 Shielded Power Inductor | New Product Brief

June 20, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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BOURNS SRP1580CA AEC-Q200 Shielded Power Inductor 

The Bourns SRP1580CA Shielded Power Inductors are AEC-Q200 compliant, RoHS compliant, halogen-free devices with an inductance range from 1 microhenries (µH) to 5.3 microhenries (µH). Heating currents (Irms) range from 26 amps to 58 amps and saturation current (Isat) varies between 35 amps to 80 amps. Operating in the wide -55°C to 155°C temperature range, these shielded power inductors are manufactured with a flat wire and a metal alloy powder core featuring low DC resistance, low buzz noise, and shielded construction for low magnetic field radiation.

These high current shielded inductors are designed to meet the high current density and high-temperature requirements of various electronic applications such as DC-to-DC converters and power supplies in consumer, industrial, and telecom electronics applications where higher inductor reliability may be required.

  •  Bourns SRP1580CA Shielded Power Inductors 
    • AEC-Q200 compliant
    • RoHS compliant
  • Inductance range 
    • 1µH to 5.3µH
  • 26A to 58A heating current (Irms)
  • 35A to 80A saturation current (Isat)
  • -55°C to +155°C operating temperature range (temperature rise included)
  • Shielded construction
    • Flat wire
    • Metal alloy powder core
  • Features
    • DC resistance
    • Low buss nose
    • Low magnetic field radiation
  • Meets high current density and high-temperature requirements 

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