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Broadcom ACNU-3410-500E Gate Drive Optocouplers

B​roadcom ACNU-3410 3 A gate drive optocouplers offer very high noise immunity in a small package for high-voltage, space-constrained industrial applications, such as motor drives, solar inverters, and switching power supplies. It’s packaged in an 11 mm SSO8 with 11 mm creepage and 10.5 clearance, and it is 40% smaller than previous devices in the 400 mil DIP-8. It offers common mode transient immunity greater than 100 kV/µs, as well as a high insulation voltage and a wide operating voltage range. The ACNU-3410 has a propagation delay three times faster than previous generation optocouplers, allowing for higher frequency switching for improved efficiency in driving IGBTs and MOSFETs.

  • Package: 11 mm SSO8
  • Spacing: 11mm creepage, 10.5mm clearance
  • Common mode rejection: 100 kv/µs
  • Insulation voltage: 1414 VPEAK
  • Operating voltage: 15 V to 30 V
  • Propagation delay: 150 ns max

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