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Bulgin M-Series Buccaneer Connectors

Bulgin M-Series Buccaneer Connectors provide reliable connectivity for sensors, actuators, and data communication in a variety of industrial automation applications.  M-Series Buccaneer Connectors are IP67 rated and available in multiple types, from M5 to M23, with plastic or metal variants and contacts rated from 30 V and 1 A to 250 V and 8 A, providing a variety of mechanically and chemically robust connectivity options.  The series includes field attachable connectors, receptacles, and overmolded cables, with PVC and PUR cables available in lengths up to 15 m. Multiple coding options are available, as well as straight and right-angled configurations and backwards compatible versions.  Bulgin’s Buccaneer M-Series also includes power distribution units, providing quick and easy connections between a control system and multiple sensors and actuators.

  • IP67 rating
  • Available types: M5, M8, M12, M16, and M23 series
  • Rating: 1A/30V AC/DC up to 8A/250V AC/DC
  • Plastic and metal variants
  • PVC, PUR overmolded cables up to 15 m
  • Power distribution units available

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