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Bussmann / Eaton ECMT-R Common Mode Chokes | New Product Brief

August 21, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Bussmann / Eaton ECMT-R Common Mode Chokes

The Bussmann Eaton ECMT-R Through-Hole Common Mode Chokes feature a closed magnetic path that reduces conductive EMI emission.

The ECMT-R Common Mode Chokes offer a rated voltage of 250 volts AC, an inductance of 1 to 85 millihenries, and high impedance values.

The robust construction and independent winding sections allow for high voltage isolation with an operating temperature from - 40 to 120 degrees celsius.

These ECMT-R Chokes are suitable for a wide range of applications including IoT, motion controls, smart meters, solar and wind generators, medical devices, remote monitoring and battery-powered devices.

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