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Cinch Connectors’ ModICE connector enclosures

Cinch Connectors’ ModICE connector enclosures are a turnkey solution for sealed packaging solutions for control modules in agriculture, heavy equipment, commercial, recreational vehicles, and industrial controls. Headers snap into the enclosures, creating a sealed housing for the module with sealing rated up to IP69K and a high tolerance for shock, vibration, and exposure to the environment. Various enclosure sizes are available for board sizes up to 6.00” x 6.10”, with optional heat sinks and vents. Headers offer up to 60 I/Os with or without integrated ferrites, and blank headers are available for custom applications. The ME-MX series of headers provides a USCAR 1.50 mm interface that mates with standard Molex MX150 connectors and is ideal for vehicle electronics controls and telematics applications.

  • Sealing Rating: IP67/IP69K
  • Shock: 50 g, 20 pulse
  • Vibration: 15 g peak, 10-2000 Hz, XYZ, 24 hr
  • Supported Board Sizes: Up to 6.00” x 6.10”
  • Header Configurations: Up to 60 I/O
    • Optional integrated ferrites
  • ME-MX Headers: USCAR 1.50 mm headers for ME enclosures

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