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CORNELL DUBILIER ThinPack Aluminum Capacitors | Featured Product Spotlight

August 30, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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CORNELL DUBILIER ThinPack Aluminum Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier THA and THAS ThinPack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors provide high energy density in a low-profile package that replaces arrays of solid tantalum or aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

The capacitors feature a sealed and laser-welded aluminum case eliminating end seal gaskets and includes a valve to vent hydrogen gas to reduce swelling. The capacitors have two 30mm leads that allow for flexible placement of the capacitor, including placing it off the PCB.

THA capacitors have an 8.2mm profile with energy density up to 1.1J/cc, while THAS capacitors have a 9.0mm profile with energy density up to 0.9J/cc. The increased profile of the THAS series is due to the addition of a 0.4mm stainless steel sleeve increasing the max operating temperature to 105°C, compared to the 85°C max temperature of the THA series.

Cornell Dubilier THA and THAS ThinPack capacitors are designed for high capacitance bulk storage and filtering in space-critical applications, with both series available with capacitance values from 18,000µF at 10V to 140µF at 450V. This allows designers to replace entire bulk storage arrays, which can reduce PCB area by approximately 70% while also reducing size and weight. The reduced part count also simplifies assembly and improves reliability.

The capacitors are rated for 3000-hour life at their max operating temperature. Designers can easily add a heatsink to one or both sides of the case to reduce thermal resistance and increase ripple current handling. 

The combination of performance and density allow the capacitors address a wide range of applications, such as tablets, LED drivers, compact power supplies, drones, and more. To learn more about Cornell Dubilier’s low profile THA and THAS ThinPack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, visit

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