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Cree LED XLamp® XHP50.3 LEDs | New Product Brief

July 07, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Cree LED XLamp® XHP50.3 LEDs

Cree LED’s XLamp XHP50.3 LEDs are the third generation of Extreme High Power LEDs that deliver the best lumen density, reliability and optical control available in their size.

XLamp XHP50.3 LEDs are suitable for outdoor and premium indoor lighting applications that require large amounts of light output from small luminaires.

The XHP50.3 are available in a variety of correlated color temperatures as well as color rendering indices for design flexibility.

With a maximum drive current of 6000 milliamps, a low thermal resistance, wide viewing angle and unlimited floor life, lighting manufacturers can significantly reduce their system cost by using fewer optics, PCBs and heat sinks than possible with standard LEDs.

The LEDs are reflow solderable, RoHS and REACH compliant as well as UL recognized for ease of integration and manufacturability.

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    210cgc September 06, 2022

    Can someone answer with a simple yes or no: does the Cree XHP50.3 produce more OTF lumens than the Cree XHP%0.2? Thankyou VM.

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