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CREE LED XLamp® XP-G3 Photophyll™ Select LEDs | New Product Brief

March 16, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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CREE LED XLamp® XP-G3 Photophyll™ Select LEDs

Cree LED XLamp XP-G3 Photophyll Select LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, provide an advanced light spectrum with blue and green output tuned for horticulture applications.

By maximizing green content and minimizing red content when compared to standard lighting LEDs, these LEDs provide improved performance and reduced luminaire cost.

The Photophyll Select LEDs are the industry’s first LEDs to be entirely binned using horticulture metrics based on the Photosynthetic Photon Flux or PPF, enabling more straightforward spectrum design without confusing translations or conversions.

They feature a maximum drive current of 2000 milliamps, a low thermal resistance of 0.7 degrees Celsius per watt, and a wide viewing angle of 125 degrees.

The LEDs feature high efficiency, long-term reliability, a convenient design ecosystem, and optical control.

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