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CUI Inc SDM300G-U & SDM300G-UR GaN Adapters | Featured Product Spotlight

December 12, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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CUI Inc SDM300G-U & SDM300G-UR GaN Adapters

The CUI SDM300G-U and SDM300G-UR are 300-watt medical-grade desktop AC-to-DC power supplies.

The SDM300G-U features a three-prong C18 (C14) inlet, while the UR version features a two-prong C18 inlet. Both models are certified to the 60601-1 edition 3.1 medical safety standard for means of patient protection and to the 4th edition of EMC requirements.

The CUI AC-to-DC power supplies meet the specific isolation, creepage, and insulation requirements for means of patient protection in medical applications.

These compact medical-grade desktop power supplies meet level 6 efficiency standards and provide power factor correction.

The wall plug power supplies utilize Gallium Nitride technology that provides up to a 250 percent increase in power density, a decrease in switching losses, and higher switching frequencies. All of these factors enable these power supplies to fit into a smaller package, enabling the miniaturization that is often needed in medical applications.

GaN transistors allow for a much higher device efficiency when compared to conventional Silicon transistors due to their lower on-state resistance. The thermal efficiency of GaN allows these power supplies to operate at higher temperatures while keeping the adapter cool and safe from heat damage.

With universal input voltages from 90 to 264 Volts AC, the SDM300G power supplies integrate all standard protections including over voltage, over current, over temperature, and short circuit protection.

The UL- and TUV-certified components operate at temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius.

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