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The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series provide secure data collection and analysis for legacy and modern systems in commercial and industrial settings, reducing network bandwidth and response latency. The gateways feature an Intel Atom processor, multiple OS options, extensive and expandable IO to communicate with nearly any data source.  

Security features include a TPM chip for hardware root of trust, secure boot, BIOS lockdown of unused I/O ports, and chassis intrusion alert. They use a fanless, solid state design that is optimized for wall and DIN-rail mounting, and a rugged IP65 enclosure is available for added protection.  

  • CPU: Intel Atom E3825 or E3827
  • Ethernet: Gigabit, Dual Independent
  • Wireless: WiFi + Bluetooth Low Energy, 3G or LTE WWAN
  • Serial: USB, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422/485
  • Expansion options: CANbus card, Modular I/O interface, ZigBee/6LowPAN combo module

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