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DFROBOT DFR0470-ENT LattePanda Single Board Computer | Featured Product Spotlight

August 09, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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DFROBOT DFR0470-ENT LattePanda Single Board Computer

The DFRobot DFR470-ENT LattePanda Single Board Computer is an Intel Cherry Trail Quad Core Processor based computing board.

This 4 gigabit RAM single board computer has 64 gigabits of eMMC memory and includes an activated edition of Windows 10 enterprise LTSB. The DFR470-ENT features a base frequency of 1.44 gigahertz and Intel HD Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that offers 12 Execution Units (EU) at the 200 megahertz to 500 megahertz frequency range with single-channel memory. This single-board computer also features an integrated ATmega32u4 Arduino Co-processor that provides access to hundreds of development platforms. The LattePanda single board computer provides 4GB DDR3L RAM with 64GB of storage capacity.

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