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Digi International’s WR54 cellular routers provide dual redundant communication for mission-critical transportation and industrial applications. The routers are available with single or dual 600 Mbps CAT11 cellular modems that provide worldwide LTE connectivity. 

Each module is equipped with Dual SIM card slots to provide carrier failover and the dual module option supports link failover and load balancing—this results in near-constant uptime and continuous connectivity. To meet the physical demands of its intended applications, the router is SAE J1455, MILSTD-810G, and IP54 rated.

The routers also incorporate Digi TrustFence™ and a cryptographic co-processor with secure key generation and storage to ensure secure connections. On the client side, the WR54 offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi and four-gigabit ethernet ports. The ethernet ports can each be configured as an isolated, secure LAN, or all four can function as a layer 2 switch.

The routers are designed to be easy-to-maintain and future proof, ensuring a long, seamless service life. The Digi Remote Manager is a central, secure platform for monitoring, managing, and controlling the routers that allow for zero-touch fleetwide configuration.

The routers are designed with a dual-core 880MHz MIPS processor, a PCIe 2.0 internal bus with 10GT/s aggregate bandwidth, and an embedded Python environment—this allows for quick adaptation to evolving application requirements. They also include a GNSS receiver that supports GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou positioning systems. To learn more about Digi WR54 cellular routers and their ability to provide connectivity to mission-critical applications, visit


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