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Digi International TransPort WR64 Dual Cellular LTE-Advanced Router

Digi International’s TransPort® WR64 Dual Cellular LTE-Advanced Router is designed to meet the physical and functional demands of transportation and mobile environments. The WR64 offers dual 600Mbps CAT 11 cellular modems with support for triple carrier aggregation, dual 802.11ac Wi-Fi modules, and four gigabit Ethernet ports. This provides for truly secure traffic segmentation, separating private systems, such as fare collection and surveillance, from passenger internet traffic. The cellular modems also have dual SIMs and support automatic carrier and modem failover, with priority given to private on-board systems. Digi’s WR64 operates from a 9V to 36V input with ignition sense for integration into the vehicle’s power source and it has a captive portal for passenger term acceptance and messaging.

  • Dual 600Mbps CAT 11 cellular modules
  • 1.7Gbps 802.11ac for video and vehicle data
  • 867Mbps 802.11ac passenger access point
  • Dual SIM modems with automatic failover
  • 9VDC to 36VDC input with ignition sense
  • Captive portal for term acceptance, targeted messaging, branding

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