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DIODES INC. AL5887 I2C/SPI 36-Channel Linear RGB LED Driver | New Product Brief

May 01, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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DIODES INC. AL5887 I2C/SPI 36-Channel Linear RGB LED Driver

The Diodes Incorporated AL5887 Linear RGB LED Driver, available from Mouser Electronics, features 36 programmable LED current channels, each with an internal 12-bit PWM for color and brightness control.

Each channel digitally configures up to 70 milliamps under the thermal limits of the package. 

The RGB LED driver is controlled via an SPI or I2C digital interface where a dedicated pin allows designers to select between these two communication protocols.

The AL5887 has a 30 kilohertz, 12-bit PWM generator for each channel, as well as channel and module independent color mixing and brightness control registers to enable vivid LED effects with zero audible noise. 

The AL5887 is available in a 6 by 6 millimeter W-QFN6060-52/SWP package with operation from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.

The AL5887 is ideal for modules containing 12 RGB LEDs with three programmable banks for software control of each color.

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