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Diodes Incorporated Automotive Grade DO-218 Load Dump TVS Series | New Product Brief

July 25, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Diodes Incorporated Automotive Grade DO-218 Load Dump TVS Series

Diodes Inc. DM5W, DM6W, and DM8W Automotive Load Dump TVS are high-temperature, automotive-compliant, load dump transient voltage suppressors in a DO-218 package.

The TVS devices are designed to protect sensitive semiconductors in electronic modules from surges defined in ISO16750-2. Circuits are protected from load dump transients generated by the alternator when the battery is disconnected.

The DM5W, DM6W, and DM8W TVS devices feature a choice of reverse stand-off voltage from 10V to 36V or 43V for the DM8WxxAQ series.

The TVS devices are presented as unidirectional, with the ability to dissipate up to 3600W, 4600W and 6600W per 10 by 1000μs pulse transient.

The DM5W, DM6W, and DM8W Automotive TVS have a +175°C specified temperature, and comply with the automotive standard ISO7637-2 and are AEC-Q101 qualified.

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