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EPCOS / TDK B8272 Ring Core Double Choke | New Product Brief

August 11, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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EPCOS / TDK B8272 Ring Core Double Choke

The EPCOS, TDK B8272xV2xUx Current-Compensated Ring Core Double Chokes provide high resonance frequency and approximately a 0.4% stray inductance for symmetrical interference suppression.

The construction features a ferrite core with epoxy coating, plastic base plate, a plastic spacer, glue, and sector winding with clearance distances greater than 3 mm.

These devices are designed in compliance with the international EN 60938-2 generic standard for fixed inductors EMI suppression while the plastic material complied with  EN 60335-1, clause 30 safety requirements.

With a voltage rating of 250 VAC, a rated current from 10 amps to 17 amps at 70oC, and nominal inductance values from 1.0 millihenry to 6.25 millihenries, these inductions are ideal for the suppression of common-mode interferences, switch-mode applications, frequency converters, and household appliances. 

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