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EPCOS / TDK PCM120T Shielded SMT Power Inductors | Asia New Product Brief

September 11, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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EPCOS / TDK PCM120T Shielded SMT Power Inductors

TDK’s PCM120T Shielded surface mount Power Inductors are ideal in primary DC/DC converters in automotive applications such as ADAS, power supplies for servers and base stations.

These power inductors are optimized for high saturation currents and low DC resistance. The series offers inductance values from 0.4μH to 10μH, and saturation currents of up to 80A are reached depending on the L value.

The optimal saturation properties are achieved through the use of an iron alloy core, while flat wire windings keep losses as low as possible.

TDK PCM120T Shielded SMT Power Inductors provide outstanding EMC performance thanks to the closed housing made of ferrite material without an external gap.

The AEC-Q200 compliant modules are ideal for automatic solder joint inspection and achieve a coplanarity of <0.1mm due to a lead frame structure.

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