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Epson FC2012AN Low ESR 32 768kHz Crystal Unit | Digital Datasheet

August 02, 2021 by Epson

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.

Epson’s FC2012AN is a 32.768 kHz crystal unit that offers low ESR and reduced current consumption, making it ideal for battery-powered IoT devices, wearables, and other low power applications. The low drive current saves power and it allows for stable operation with MCUs that have low drive capability.

The design also offers improved thermal performance and a higher Q value, with the crystal unit able to operate from -40 °C to +105 °C with very stable ESR over the entire operating temperature range. Epson’s FC2012AN low ESR 32.768 kHz crystal unit is housed in a compact 2.05 x 1.2 mm package with a maximum thickness of 0.6 mm.

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