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Fuji Electric X Series Dual XT IGBT Modules

Fuji Electric 7th-Generation X Series Dual XT IGBT modules combine improved electrical and thermal performance to deliver a 1200V/800A rating in a 150mm x 62mm package. Enhancements to the IGBT and freewheeling diode reduce power dissipation by up to 12% compared to conventional modules, resulting in more efficient operation. Packaging improvements provide improved thermal conductivity and allow a continuous operating junction temperature of 175°C.  

These improvements combined enable the higher power rating of the X Series Dual XT modules and provide designers the option of shrinking the design or increasing the output power in the same footprint. The modules have a 125°C case temperature rating and offered with solder pins or press-fit contacts. Fuji Electric also expects to release X Series Dual XT IGBT modules rated for 1700V and 600A.

To learn more, go to Fuji Electric.


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  • lastcyrol 2019-07-31

    Very curious what price to expect for those, as I couldn’t find anyone to sell them.