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HARTING ELECTRONICS Han Heavy Duty Power Connectors | New Product Brief

September 16, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

HARTING ELECTRONICS Han Heavy Duty Power Connectors

HARTING Han 1A connectors use up to 30% less space than the next smallest Han connector. 

Han 1A connectors offer the versatility to carry signals, data, or power in a variety of applications. Data inserts are available with up to 8 contacts and support for Cat 6A ethernet at 10Gbit/s, while signal inserts offer up to 12 contacts. 

Power inserts include options with up to five contacts plus earth and current ratings up to 16A per contact. Housings are available for cables and bulkhead mounts and the entire connector is designed for fast, tool-free assembly, while optional color coding elements ensure proper installation. 

Han 1A series connectors can be used indoors or outdoors and optional wire seals provide IP65 protection.    

  • Data: up to 8 contacts and 10Gbps Cat 6A transmission
  • Signal: 12 contacts, 50V/6.5A per contact
  • Power: up to 5+earth
    • Rated current: up to 16A
    • Rated voltage: up to 400V
  • Housings:
    • Cable adapters and bulkhead mount (straight and right-angle)
    • Tool-free assembly - no screws
  • Color coding elements to aid installation
  • IP20 standard, IP65 with optional wire seals

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