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Harting Electronics RJ Industrial® MultiFeature IDC Connector | Featured Product Spotlight

October 26, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Harting Electronics RJ Industrial® MultiFeature IDC Connector

HARTING RJ Industrial® MultiFeature IDC Connectors provide easy, tool-free assembly and a robust metal housing.

HARTING RJ Industrial MF IDC Connectors are an RJ45 series with integrated blades that shorten the individual strands to the correct length when closing the connector. With this built-in cutter, there is no longer a need to shorten the individual wires 8 times using the wire cutter, and the quality of the connection process is also improved. The wires are always safely shortened in the same place in each connector and this also ensures that the HF performance of all assemblies is identical.

In traditional RJ45 solutions for industrial networks, the time for confection is 50% for preparation of the cable and 50% for connecting. The new RJ Industrial® Multifeature connectors allow for a time savings of about 25%, saving maintenance and installation costs.

With straight and right-angled versions available, these connectors feature 4 contacts for Cat 5 connectors and 8 contacts for Cat 6A connectors and an IDC termination for a tool-less connector termination.

For more information on HARTING’s RJ Industrial® MultiFeature IDC Connectors, visit

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