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HARTING ELECTRONICS T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Products | Featured Product Spotlight

August 05, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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HARTING ELECTRONICS T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Products

HARTING T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet products are a compact and cost-effective solution to deliver 1GBit/s Ethernet and power to sensors, cameras, and other devices in industrial applications.

HARTING’s T1 series complies with the IEC 63171-6 internationally standardized mating interface for single pair ethernet, or SPE. The use of a single pair of twisted and shielded wire results in smaller connectors and lighter cabling. For example, HARTING’s T1 through hole board mount jack measures just 9.2 x 6.35 x 14mm. This makes it more than 80% smaller than a standard RJ-45 jack, and it has a lower profile, a smaller panel cutout, and a smaller PCB footprint than convention connectors.

Despite their small size, the connectors don’t lack in terms of performance. They meet IEEE 802.3 requirements for SPE and support 1Gbit/s data rates for cable lengths up to 40m, and the interface is optimized to support possible multi-gig applications and future standards. They can also be used with cables up to 1000m by reducing the data rate to 100Mbit/s or 10Mbit/s. In addition to data transfer, HARTING’s T1 SPE products support power transmission up to 50W using Power over Data Line technology.

HARTING designed the T1 series for harsh industrial applications with environmental ratings up to M3I3C3E3. This includes an IP20 pluggable interface with a metal latch locking mechanism and M8 and M12 connector versions that are rated up to IP65 and IP67. All jacks and plugs have 360° stainless steel shielding, and they’re rated for operation from -40°C to +85°C. 

To learn more about HARTING’s T1 Industrial SPE products and their use in industrial automation, robotics, and other applications, visit

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