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Hirose Electric FX27 0.8mm Pitch Floating Card Edge Connectors | Featured Product Spotlight

October 20, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Hirose Electric FX27 0.8mm Pitch Floating Card Edge Connectors

Hirose Electric introduced the FX27 Floating Card Edge Connector. This connector is part of the “FunctionMax” family series of board-to-board connectors with a mission to meet all the needs of the industrial market with maximum functionality -- creating interconnect solutions for demanding applications.

Traditional connectors can only be mated if the centers of both the header and receptacle are aligned properly.

The floating design methodology behind the FX27 edge connectors offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating, allowing the connector to absorb any misalignment errors. This way, floating connectors can be used even when the centers are not perfectly aligned with one another.

An internal terminal spring design allows the receptacle to adjust accordingly with the header. A movable joint shifts with the mating connector while a fixed portion acts as a buffer from the stress generated by movement from mounting leads.

The FX27 floating card edge connectors offer 0.8 mm contact pitch and a 22mm minimum stacking height that is adjustable by selecting different interposer heights as well as a 0.6mm maximum floating range in X and Y directions. A floating range of +/-1.2mm is possible by using two FX27 connectors (Double floating). In addition, the interposer PCB can have various chip components mounted to have ultimate design flexibility. 

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