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Hirose Electric ix Industrial Ethernet Mating Interface

Hirose ix industrial connectors are new, standardized miniature ethernet connectors for use in factory automation, data centers, and transportation applications. ix industrial connectors support data rates up to 10 Gbps but are 75% smaller than RJ-45 connectors. They enable parallel 10 mm pitch mounting for higher connection density. The connectors are designed for maximum stability on the PCB and a durable connection between receptacle and plug, providing high resistance to shock and vibration. The connectors are rated for 5,000 mating cycles and have an optimized shielding design to protect against interference in noisy environments. Hirose offers ix industrial connectors with two keying options and two contact plating options.

  • 1 Gbps/10 Gbps data transmission
  • 75% smaller than RJ-45
  • 10 mm parallel mounting pitch
  • 5000 mating cycles
  • Optimized shield for high noise immunity
  • Plating: 0.2 µm gold, 0.75 µm Pd-Ni + 0.05 µm gold

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