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Honeywell FP5000 Configurable Pressure Transducers | New Product Brief

June 14, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Honeywell FP5000 Configurable Pressure Transducers

Honeywell FP5000 Configurable Pressure Transducers are media-isolated piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors.

The series offers multiple output options including 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, 4mA to 20mA, or the intrinsically safe 4mA to 20mA option.

The series is designed for reading pressure over the specified full-scale pressure span and temperature range and requires zero adjustment through an integrated potentiometer.

With multiple electrical and pressure connection options, the configurable pressure transducers feature a fast response and high resolution, as well as a fully analog reduced-noise signal path that provides continuous output resolution.

The transducers are compensated for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature effects, and non-linearity to offer improved thermal stability and accuracy.

Hastelloy® C276 and 316L stainless steel wetted parts provide durability with abrasive or corrosive media.

Honeywell FP5000 Configurable Pressure Transducers feature gage, absolute, vacuum, barometric, and compound pressure types.

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